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Neuroscience: Seeing life in fast-forward


人間と動物の視覚系ではさまざまな出来事が予期され、それが意思決定に役立っている。この点に関する従来の研究は、主に静的な状況下で実施されていた。例えば、人間は、同時に遭遇することに慣れている複数のモノ(例えばコーヒーとベーグル)に対する反応時間の方が短いことが明らかになっている。しかし、我々の日常生活においては自動車のような動く物体に直面し、その動きを予測しなければならないことも多い。今回、Matthias Ekmanたちの研究グループは、そうした動きの予測が人間の脳内で行われる過程を解明するために、29人の健康な被験者に斑点の順列を見せ、超高速fMRI(機能的磁気共鳴画像法)を用いて、この斑点の順列に随伴する脳の活動パターンを明らかにした。次に、この斑点の順列における最初の斑点だけを被験者に見せる実験では、斑点の順列全体を早送りで見せた場合と同じ脳の活動パターンが観察された。以上の結果は、2週間後に同じ被験者を対象として行われた追試で確認された。


When people see the beginning of an expected sequence, their brains automatically play the whole sequence in “fast-forward”, shows a study published this week in Nature Communications.

The visual system in humans and animals anticipates events, which can facilitate decision-making. Previous research has primarily been done in static contexts, for example, showing that we react faster to things that we are accustomed to encountering together, such as coffee and a bagel. However, in everyday life we are often faced with moving objects, such as cars, and have to anticipate their motion. To understand how the human brain anticipates such motion, Matthias Ekman and colleagues showed 29 healthy participants a sequence of dots. Using ultra-fast functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), they were able to describe the pattern of brain activity that accompanies these sequences. Then, they showed participants just the first dot of the sequence and found that the brain showed the same pattern of activity as when participants were watching the whole sequence, only this time in fast-forward. These results were confirmed in the same participants two weeks later.

These results suggest that preplaying anticipated events in fast-forward may be the way in which we are able to quickly and automatically anticipate the trajectories of moving things in everyday life.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms15276

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