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Neuroscience: Mapping the brain regions that help us navigate


今回、Hugo Spiersの研究チームは、24人の参加者に英国ロンドンのソーホー地区の街路配置を学習させた後、目的地の写真を見せて、この地区の仮想空間において進む道を決めながら移動させ、最短経路で目的地に到達するという課題を行わせた。このようなナビゲーションを行っている参加者の脳の活動が測定され、右側海馬前方の活動パターンが、参加者が通行した実際の街路の詳細と対応し、右側海馬後方の活動によって、その後に選択可能な経路の数のシミュレーションが行われていたことが明らかになった。また、参加者に迂回路を強制的に歩かせる実験では、迂回路のために新たな経路を計画する過程で、前頭前野(今後取り得る行動を評価する役割を担う脳領域)の複数の領域が関与しており、その活動と迂回路の難易度の高さが相関していることが明らかになった。


Analyses of brain activity taken while people navigated a virtual map of London, published in Nature Communications this week, shed light on how the human brain simulates future routes to plan how to reach a destination. The study shows that two aspects of human navigation - the number of potential routes possible to take and recalling street layouts - are processed by two distinct parts of the same brain structure: the hippocampus.

Hugo Spiers and colleagues asked 24 participants to learn the layout of a part of Soho in London. Then, once the participants were familiar with the layout, the authors would show participants a photograph of a current location and one of a goal location and asked them to navigate through the virtual neighborhood. Measurements of brain activity taken during this navigation show that the right anterior hippocampus activity pattern corresponds to the details of the actual street participants entered and that right posterior hippocampal activity simulates the number of future routes possible. Sometimes, the authors forced participants to take detours, and showed that the re-planning process engages areas of the prefrontal cortex (a region of the brain responsible for evaluating potential future actions), the activity of which correlates with the difficulty of the detour.

Taken together, these results show how the human brain computes the number of potential future possibilities, and how it can re-plan and re-evaluate these possibilities if its initial plan was prevented.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms14652

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