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Nature Communications

Genetics: DNA portrait of modern USA populations


植民地時代以前の北米の人々については、かなり詳細な研究が行われているが、それ以降の時代の人口構造の評価は難航している。今回、Catherine Ballの研究チームは、米国生まれの約77万人のDNA解析を行い、ユーザーが作成した家系データも利用して、それらの人々の血縁ネットワークを再構築した。その結果、移住前の祖先の遺伝的特徴、例えば中西部におけるスカンジナビア系とフィンランド系の人々(過去150~200年以内に米国に移住した人々)のクラスターが見つかった。また、これらのデータは、東西勾配と南北勾配に沿った移住と定住を示しており、米国移住後に地理的理由または文化的理由で孤立状態が続いた集団、例えば、中西部各州とペンシルベニア州内で生活するアーミッシュ派の人々の存在を明らかにしている。


DNA and genealogical information from over 700,000 American individuals paint a detailed picture of the subtle patterns of migration and settlement in post-colonial USA. The analysis, published online in Nature Communications this week, shows levels of population structure, shaped by many different geographical and cultural factors, which have previously been difficult to determine.

The pre-colonial populations of North America have been quite well studied but the more recent population structure is less easy to assess. Catherine Ball and colleagues analysed the DNA of 770,000 individuals originating in the USA, and included user-generated genealogical data to help put together a network of their relationships. They found genetic signatures of pre-immigration ancestry, such as clusters of Scandinavian and Finnish ancestry (who moved to the USA within the past 150-200 years) in the Midwest. The data also depict movements and settlements across east-west and north-south gradients, and pick out groups who remained isolated after moving to the USA, for geographical or cultural reasons, such as Amish populations within Midwestern states and Pennsylvania.

In addition to revealing demographic insights into population structure changes of North America after European settlement, the study also identifies patterns in clusters of gene variants associated with various diseases. However, a more comprehensive examination of disease-related genetic variation is needed to provide clinically relevant insights into fine-scale patterns of genetic disease risk in this population.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms14238

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