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Neuroscience: Brain structure explains age-related changes in risk preference



今回、Ifat Levyの研究チームは、52人の被験者(18~88歳)による実験を行い、確実な選択肢(5ドルが得られる)と不確実な選択肢(5~120ドルが得られるが、実際に得られる額はランダムな確率で決まる)のいずれかを選ばせた。予想通り、高齢の被験者と若い被験者を比較すると、高齢の被験者の方が確実な選択肢を好み、確実な選択肢を好む傾向は年齢が高くなるほど顕著になった。次にLevyたちは、このデータをモデルに組み込んで、こうした好みの変化を予測する変数として最も適したものを判定した。その結果、こうした好みをもたらす主たる因子が、加齢ではなく、右後部頭頂皮質の灰白質の量であることが判明した。この結果は、健康な加齢において生じる脳の変化が、これまで考えられていた以上にヒトの意思決定のパターンと選好に強い影響を与えていることを示唆している。

Preference for the known and familiar increases with ageing, and this preference is better explained by changes in grey matter in a certain brain area rather than by age, a study published in Nature Communications shows.

When people make decisions that involve risk, or put another way, uncertain outcomes, an area of the brain called the right posterior parietal cortex is active. The amount of grey matter in this area has been show to correlate with risk preference in young adults. As people age, they tend to make fewer risky decisions, but whether this is due to the wisdom that comes with age or brain structure was unknown.

Ifat Levy and colleagues asked 52 adults, spanning the ages of 18-88 years, to make a choice between a certain option (gain of $5) or an uncertain option (possible gain ranging from $5-$120 with random probabilities). As expected, they found that the certain option is preferred by older participants compared to younger participants, and that this preference for the certain option increased with age. When they put these data into a model to determine which variable best predicted this change in preference, they found that it was primarily driven by the amount of grey matter in the right posterior parietal cortex brain region, rather than by age. These results suggest that the changes in the brain that occur in healthy ageing may be responsible for more of our decision-making patterns and preferences than previously thought.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms13822

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