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Health: microRNA therapy treats acute myeloid leukemia in mice



今回、Jianjun Chenたちは、62人の患者から得た腫瘍サンプルを調べて、AML症例においてmiR-22の発現が低下していることを確認した。また、Chenたちは、AMLのマウスモデルを複数用いて、miR-22の発現が回復すると、特定の細胞内シグナル伝達経路が抑制されて、AML腫瘍の発生と維持が損なわれることを報告している。次に、Chenたちは、2種類の白血病のマウスモデルを用いて、ナノ粒子によるmiR-22オリゴヌクレオチドの送達によってmiR-22の治療可能性を評価した。いずれのモデルにおいてもmiR-22を投与した場合にAMLの進行が遅れ、生存期間が長くなった。


Nanoparticles carrying miR-22 - a subset of small, non-coding RNA molecules (microRNA) that regulate gene expression - show therapeutic potential in mouse models of acute myeloid leukemia (AML), reports a study published in Nature Communications this week.

AML is a form of cancer of the blood cells which, despite intensive chemotherapy, is often fatal within five years. Although a lot of information is available regarding the genomic alterations that characterize AML, little is known about the molecular mechanisms that drive transformation of progenitor cells into cancer cells.

Jianjun Chen and colleagues examine tumour samples from 62 human patients and confirm that miR-22 expression is reduced in AML. Using multiple mouse models of AML, they report that restoring miR-22 expression impairs both development and maintenance of AML tumours by suppressing specific cell signalling pathways. The authors then assess the therapeutic potential of miR-22 by delivering miR-22 oligonucleotides through nanoparticles in two leukemic mouse models, one carrying genetically modified mouse leukemia cells, the other one carrying a human-derived leukemia cell line. In both models, treatment with miR-22 resulted in delayed progression and increased survival time.

The possibility of using nanoparticles carrying miR-22 as therapeutic agents to treat AML requires further testing in mouse models before it reaches clinical trials. In addition, the authors propose that combining this treatment with standard chemotherapy agents could also be effective against AML.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms11452

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