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Planetary science: A new type of basalt on the Moon


月面に特定の複数種の火山岩が存在することは、これまでの月周回衛星による測定結果から示唆されていたが、そのような火山岩の試料を直接採取することは不可能だった。それを可能にしたのが2013年に月面着陸に成功した嫦娥3号で、付属の月面車「玉兎号」がインブリウム盆地の「紫微」と命名されたクレーターの周辺を移動して、測定を行ったのだ。今回、Zongcheng Lingたちは、玉兎号に搭載された観測装置によって得られた知見の第一報を公表した。測定の行われた地域は、およそ29億6000万年前に形成された年代の若い地域で、独特な鉱物学的特性が観測されたため、これまでのミッションで試料が採取されなかったのか、月隕石によって観測されていない新種の玄武岩質岩が存在していることが示唆されている。


A new type of rock has been found on the surface of the Moon, finds a study published in Nature Communications this week. The Chinese Chang'e-3 unmanned mission is the first to land on the Moon since the Apollo and Luna missions around 40 years ago, and the location of the lander has given access to a volcanic surface that up to now had not been analysed in detail.

Although measurements taken by lunar orbiters have suggested a range of volcanic rock types are present on the Moon’s surface, until recently it has been impossible to sample them directly. In 2013, the Yutu rover, or ‘Jade Rabbit’, was able to traverse the lunar surface around the Zi Wei crater in the Imbrium Basin and take measurements. Zongcheng Ling and colleagues present the first findings from the instruments on-board the rover. They report that this relatively young region of the Moon, formed around 2.96 billion years ago, has unique mineralogical characteristics, suggesting a new type of basaltic rock that has not been sampled by previous missions or observed in lunar meteorites.

The site for the Chang’e-3 lander was specifically chosen to be on a relatively young lava flow and near a crater where the impact would have excavated fresh material onto the surface. These are pioneering observations of a region of the lunar landscape not previously explored, and help advance knowledge of some of the youngest volcanism on the Moon.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms9880

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