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Immunology: An antibody to purge hidden HIV reservoirs


今回、John Mascola、Gary Nabelたちの研究グループは、HIVに潜在感染した細胞を活性化し、そこへキラーT細胞を誘導して破壊させるという2つの作用を有する抗体を開発した。この抗体は、患者から単離したHIV感染細胞によるHIVタンパク質の産生を誘発できる。その結果、このHIV感染細胞は免疫細胞によって認識され、容易に狙い撃ちされるようになった。この抗体治療薬は、ヒト以外の霊長類における耐容性が良好で、臨床試験を実施しうることが明らかになった。


A new way of eliminating cells latently infected with HIV, where the virus is dormant and invisible to the immune system and antiviral drugs, is described this week in Nature Communications. The specifically designed antibody may one day help reduce the number of HIV-containing cells in patients infected with the virus.

John Mascola, Gary Nabel and colleagues developed an antibody that activates latently HIV-infected cells and, at the same time, redirects killer T-cells to destroy them. The antibody is capable of inducing the production of HIV proteins by HIV-infected cells isolated from patients, making them visible and therefore more easily targeted by immune cells. The treatment was also well-tolerated in non-human primates, showing that it has the potential to be introduced to clinical trials.

Curing HIV infection remains a challenge because the virus can become dormant and persist in latently infected cells. Purging HIV from these reservoirs is an important step towards completely eliminating the virus from the body. The antibody developed in this study may bring us one step closer to this goal, but its effectiveness in pre-clinical animal models and in humans remains to be evaluated.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms9447

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