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Zoology: High-voltage prey tracking in electric eels



今回、Kenneth Cataniaは、デンキウナギが獲物を狙う時に高圧放電が関係しているかどうかを調べるために、体内に電気を流すとピクピク動くようにして本物の獲物の動きに似せた魚の死骸をデンキウナギに示す実験を行った。他の感覚刺激(視覚的刺激、化学的刺激、機械感覚刺激)を排除した場合に、デンキウナギが獲物を攻撃するのは導電体が存在している時だけで、導電体からのフィードバックがないと、獲物への攻撃は常に失敗することが分かった。

このフィードバックを介して獲物が見つかると、デンキウナギは、高圧高周波の電流を一斉に発し、これを手掛かりとして正確な攻撃を行う。この高精度な獲物感知機構は、反響定位を行うコウモリの終期採餌音(terminal buzz)と数々の類似点がある。コウモリは、獲物に接近すると、小刻みに音を発して感覚フィードバックとして利用している。

Electric eels use their high-voltage discharge simultaneously as a high-precision tracking device and a 'stun gun' when targeting prey, finds a study in Nature Communications. This unusual dual functioning as both a sensory system and a weapon indicates that the hunting behaviour of electric eels is far more sophisticated than previously thought.

The high-voltage discharge of electric eels is used to stun prey by inducing whole-body immobility, temporarily arresting all voluntary movement in its target. However, which sensory feedbacks the eels subsequently use to accurately locate the prey target once it is immobilised is not understood.

Kenneth Catania investigates whether eels' high-voltage discharge is involved in prey targeting by exposing electric eels to dead fish that had been primed to twitch once a current had been passed through their bodies, simulating the movement of real prey. He finds that, when all other sensory cues are excluded (visual, chemical or mechanosensory cues), electric eels only strike towards prey when an electrical conductor is present, and always miss their targets when feedback from conductors is absent.

Once a prey target is identified via this feedback, eels elicit a high-voltage, high-frequency volley which is used to accurately guide the attack. This mechanism of high-precision prey detection has similarities to the 'terminal buzz' of echolocating bats, which utilise sound of increasingly high frequency as sensory feedback when approaching prey.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms9638

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