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Altmetric: 1More detail Article | OPEN Interplay of hot electrons from localized and propagating plasmons

2017年10月3日 Nature Communications 8 : 771 doi: 10.1038/s41467-017-00815-x



Chung V. Hoang, Koki Hayashi, Yasuo Ito, Naoki Gorai, Giles Allison, Xu Shi, Quan Sun, Zhenzhou Cheng, Kosei Ueno, Keisuke Goda and Hiroaki Misawa

Corresponding Authors

Chung V. Hoang

三澤 弘明
北海道大学 電子科学研究所

Plasmon-induced hot-electron generation has recently received considerable interest and has been studied to develop novel applications in optoelectronics, photovoltaics and green chemistry. Such hot electrons are typically generated from either localized plasmons in metal nanoparticles or propagating plasmons in patterned metal nanostructures. Here we simultaneously generate these heterogeneous plasmon-induced hot electrons and exploit their cooperative interplay in a single metal-semiconductor device to demonstrate, as an example, wavelength-controlled polarity-switchable photoconductivity. Specifically, the dual-plasmon device produces a net photocurrent whose polarity is determined by the balance in population and directionality between the hot electrons from localized and propagating plasmons. The current responsivity and polarity-switching wavelength of the device can be varied over the entire visible spectrum by tailoring the hot-electron interplay in various ways. This phenomenon may provide flexibility to manipulate the electrical output from light-matter interaction and offer opportunities for biosensors, long-distance communications, and photoconversion applications.