Research Abstract


Seamless growth of a supramolecular carpet

2016年2月3日 Nature Communications 7 : 10653 doi: 10.1038/ncomms10653



Ju-Hyung Kim, Jean-Charles Ribierre,Yu Seok Yang, Chihaya Adachi, Maki Kawai, Jaehoon Jung, Takanori Fukushima & Yousoo Kim

Corresponding Authors

Jaehoon Jung
理化学研究所 表面界面科学研究室

福島 孝典
東京工業大学 資源化学研究所

金 有洙
理化学研究所 表面界面科学研究室

Organic/metal interfaces play crucial roles in the formation of intermolecular networks on metal surfaces and the performance of organic devices. Although their purity and uniformity have profound effects on the operation of organic devices, the formation of organic thin films with high interfacial uniformity on metal surfaces has suffered from the intrinsic limitation of molecular ordering imposed by irregular surface structures. Here we demonstrate a supramolecular carpet with widely uniform interfacial structure and high adaptability on a metal surface via a one-step process. The high uniformity is achieved with well-balanced interfacial interactions and site-specific molecular rearrangements, even on a pre-annealed amorphous gold surface. Co-existing electronic structures show selective availability corresponding to the energy region and the local position of the system. These findings provide not only a deeper insight into organic thin films with high structural integrity, but also a new way to tailor interfacial geometric and electronic structures.