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Fewer storms means fewer waves for eastern Australia

オーストラリア東部では、大気中の温室効果ガス濃度の上昇によって、4 mを超える大規模な海洋波の生じる日数が減少する可能性があるとの報告が、今週オンライン版に掲載される。この研究は、この地域の水位上昇や海岸浸食への理解を深め、予測を改善するのに役立つだろう。

中緯度域の大規模な海洋波は、主に温帯低気圧に伴う強風によって生じている。Andrew Dowdyたちは1992~2010年の観測結果を用い、暴風雨の日とそれに伴う4種類の高さ(2 m以下、2~4 m、4~6 m、6 m以上)の波事象を分析した。また、診断モデルを作製し、温帯低気圧事象で生じるような上部対流圏のさまざまな気圧条件によって、オーストラリア東部で大規模な海洋波が生じるリスクを評価した。次にこの方法を、18の異なる全球気候モデルによるこの地域の予測に適用した。Dowdyたちは、2070~2100年の高潮事象は歴史的平均に比べ、温室効果ガス排出量が中程度の場合は25%、高程度の場合は42%減少すると報告している。


The increase in the concentration of atmospheric greenhouse gas will reduce the number of days with large ocean waves of more than four metres in height for eastern Australia, reports a paper published online in Nature Climate Change. This research could help in better understanding and predicting elevated water levels or coastal erosion in the region.

Large ocean waves in the mid-latitude regions are predominately caused by strong winds associated with extratropical cyclones. Andrew Dowdy and colleagues use observations from 1992-2010 to analyse storm days and associated wave events of four different heights: 2 metres or smaller, 2-4 metres, 4-6 metres and 6 metres or larger. They built a diagnostic model to evaluate the risk of large wave occurrences for various atmospheric pressure conditions in the upper-troposphere - as would be experienced during extratropical cyclone events - in eastern Australia. This approach was then applied to projections for this region from 18 different global climate models. Dowdy and colleagues report that for an intermediate level of greenhouse gas emissions there will be 25% fewer storm wave events, and for high emission levels there will be 42% fewer storm wave events for the 2070-2100 period compared with the historical average.

The authors note that the new method used in this study results in highly consistent results between the different climate models.

doi: 10.1038/nclimate2142


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