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Climate change: Amazon rainforest may be approaching tipping point

アマゾンの熱帯雨林が、熱帯雨林の立ち枯れという転換点(熱帯雨林がサバンナに変化する臨界点)に近づいている可能性があり、この熱帯雨林の75%以上で2000年代初頭以降に回復力低下の兆候が見られることを示す観測的証拠について報告する論文が、Nature Climate Change に掲載される。


今回、Chris Boultonたちは、地球観測衛星のリモートセンシングデータを用いて、1991~2016年のアマゾンの熱帯雨林の回復力(生態系がかく乱から回復する能力)の変化を突き止めた。Boultonたちはこの情報を、生態系の平均状態の尺度としての森林被覆率に関するデータや気候データと組み合わせた。分析の結果、アマゾンの熱帯雨林の75%で、2000年代初頭以降、回復力が低下していることが判明し、この熱帯林が、重大な転換点に近づいている可能性が示された。回復力の低下は、人為活動に近い地域や降水量の少ない地域で最も顕著だった。重要なのは、回復力の低下が森林被覆率の低下と一致しない点であり、このことは、アマゾンの熱帯雨林がその平均状態の変化を示さずに転換点に近づいているかもしれないことを示唆している。


The Amazon rainforest may be nearing a tipping point of rainforest dieback —the point where rainforest will turn to savannah — with signs of resilience loss being found in over 75% of its area since the early 2000s, according to observational evidence presented in Nature Climate Change.

Tropical forests such as the Amazon play a critical role in climate regulation. Climate change and human-induced activities such as deforestation, however, have been putting increasing pressure on the Amazon rainforest in recent decades.

Using satellite remote sensing data, Chris Boulton and colleagues determine changes in the resilience —the ability of an ecosystem system to recover from a disturbance — of the Amazon rainforest between 1991 and 2016. The team combine this information with data on forest cover as a measure of the mean state of the ecosystem, as well as climate data. Analyses reveal that 75% of the Amazon has been losing resilience since the early 2000s, indicating that the forest may be approaching a critical transition. Loss of resilience is most prominent in areas that are closer to human activity, as well as in those that receive less rainfall. Importantly, loss of resilience does not coincide with a loss in the forest cover, implying that the forest could be nearing a tipping point without showing changes in its mean state.

The authors conclude that these findings are important as they provide observational evidence that drier conditions and deforestation are likely pushing the Amazon towards a critical threshold.

doi: 10.1038/s41558-022-01287-8


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