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Climate Change: Future under fire

最近のオーストラリアの森林火災に関する一連のCommentとCorrespondenceが、今週、Nature Climate Change に掲載され、Editorialと共に火災の影響と火災に関連した地球規模の対応を探究している。


Ben SandersonたちのCommentでは、最新の気候モデルを取り上げて、これらのモデルを使ってニューサウスウェールズ州の森林火災を予測できたかどうかを考察している。また、Lauren RickardsとJames Watsonの共著のCommentでは、森林火災が現在の気候変動研究に及ぼす影響を論じた上で、科学者と研究機関が森林火災にどのように迅速に適応する必要があるのかを議論している。

一方、Lesley HeadのCommentでは、森林火災が気候変動対策につながるのかどうか、それとも森林火災が普通の出来事と考えられるようになるのかを探究している。その他の記事では、森林のバイオームが受けた被害を論じ、この地域に雨をもたらす自然の気候パターンについて考察している。Henriette JagerとCharles Coutantの共著のCorrespondenceには、全世界の森林火災に対する応答を調べた結果が示されている。そして、この論文では、コアラのために長靴を編むなど、傷ついた野生生物を助けるための個人の行動と、気候変動を緩和して生物種と生物多様性を確実に守るために必要な行動を対比させて論じている。


A series of Comments and Correspondences about the recent Australian bushfires is published this week in Nature Climate Change . These pieces, accompanied by an Editorial, explore the fires’ impacts and the associated global response.

As of mid-January 2020, the Australian bush fires have burnt over 10 million ha across the southern half of the continent. The unprecedented nature of the fires has had major consequences for human wellbeing, infrastructure and wildlife.

In a Comment, Ben Sanderson and colleagues consider the latest climate models and whether they would have been able to predict the fires in New South Wales. In another Comment, Lauren Rickards and James Watson discuss the impacts of the fires on current climate change research and how scientists and institutions may need to rapidly adapt to these events.

In a Comment, Lesley Head explores whether the fires will lead to climate action, or if they will be considered the new normal. Further pieces discuss the damage done to the forest biome and look at the natural climate patterns that bring rain to the region. A Correspondence from Henriette Jager and Charles Coutant examines the global response to the bushfires. They contrast the actions of individuals to aid injured wildlife, such as knitting boots for koalas, with what is needed to mitigate climate change to ensure protection of species and biodiversity.

An accompanying Editorial states “Australia is certainly deserving of compassion and support in the face of the fires. At the same time, it is worthwhile to pause and acknowledge the other places at the frontlines of climate change and to include their stories in the collective motivation for climate action.”

This press release refers to Nature Climate Change Comment pieces and Correspondences, not a Nature Climate Change research paper or article. Comment pieces are topical, authoritative Op-Eds pertaining to scientific research and its ramifications. The Correspondence pieces provide a forum for comment on papers or discussion of issues relevant to the journal’s community.

doi: 10.1038/s41558-020-0720-5

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