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Ozone pollution responsible for US$63 billion in crop losses in East Asia

東アジアの作物生産で、1年間に推定630億ドル(約6兆9300億円)相当の収量減少が発生し、それがオゾン汚染に関連していることを報告する論文が、Nature Food に掲載される。この推定値には、日本、中国、韓国における3種類の主要商品作物(コムギ、イネ、トウモロコシ)の相対収量の減少が含まれている。


今回、Zhaozhong Fengたちは、アジアの主な農業生産地域の実験データを用いて、3種類の主要作物(コムギ、イネ、トウモロコシ)のオゾン曝露–反応関係を構築した。そして、この情報について、Fengたちは、中国、日本、韓国の合計3000か所以上の観測地点での大気中オゾン濃度の測定データで補足した。相対収量の減少が最も顕著だったのが中国で、減少幅は、コムギ33%、イネ23%、トウモロコシ9%だった。全体で、オゾン汚染による作物生産の年間収量減少は630億ドルと推定された。


An estimated US$63 billion worth of annual losses from crop production in East Asia are associated with ozone pollution, according to a study published in Nature Food. This estimate includes relative yield losses of three major staple crops — wheat, rice and maize — in Japan, China, and South Korea.

The surface concentration of the greenhouse gas, ozone, in Asia is increasing and is expected to continue to do so as the demand for food rises. Exposure to ozone pollution hinders crop growth and agricultural production, thereby posing a risk to food security. Previous attempts to quantify these effects, however, have likely been biased by a lack of observational or experimental data.

Zhaozhong Feng and colleagues developed ozone exposure–response relationships for three major crops (wheat, rice and maize) using experimental data from key production regions in Asia. The authors supplemented this information with measurements of ozone in the air from over 3,000 monitoring sites in China, Japan and South Korea. The highest relative yield losses were found in China — namely 33%, 23% and 9% for wheat, rice and maize, respectively. Overall, total annual losses in crop production as a result of ozone pollution were estimated to be US$63 billion.

The authors conclude that the impact of ozone pollution on crop production underscores the need for stricter ozone emission controls and adaptive measures at the regional level.

doi: 10.1038/s43016-021-00422-6


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