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Ingestible electronic capsules sense gut gases

腸内のさまざまなガスを検知でき、人の食事の変化を識別できる摂取型電子カプセルが、今週報告される。このデバイスを用いれ ば、食事や医療用サプリメントの影響の解明や、個人に合わせた食事の開発に役立つ可能性がある。


今回K Kalantar-Zadehたちは、ガスセンサー、温度センサー、小型コンピューター(マイクロコントローラー)、無線周波数の送信機、電池を含む小さな摂取型カプセルを開発した。健康な被験者6名による小規模な予備的臨床試験で、このセンサーが腸内を移動しながら酸素、水素、二酸化炭素を検知でき、被験者が携帯するポケットサイズの受信機にガス濃度データを送信できることが示された。特に、ガス濃度プロファイルは、腸の微生物群によって食物の発酵時に産生されるガスを反映しており、これを用いて高繊維食を摂った被験者と低繊維食を摂った被験者を識別できた。


Ingestible electronic capsules that can sense different gases in the gut, and can distinguish changes in a person’s diet, are reported in a paper published online this week in Nature Electronics. The devices could potentially be used to help understand the effects of diet and medical supplements, and to help develop individualized diets.

Ingestible sensors are an emerging technology that could play a powerful role in the monitoring of human health, but the capabilities of the devices are currently relatively limited.

Kourosh Kalantar-Zadeh and colleagues have developed small ingestible capsules that contain gas sensors, a temperature sensor, a small computer (microcontroller), a radio-frequency transmitter, and batteries. In a small human pilot trial (six healthy volunteers), the sensors are shown to be capable of sensing oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide as the device travels the length of the gut, transmitting the gas concentration data to a pocket-sized receiver carried by the volunteers. The gas concentration profiles reflect, in particular, the gases produced by the microbial community of the gut during food fermentation and could be used to distinguish volunteers on high- and low-fibre diets.

The results also highlighted that the electronic capsules are capable of detecting the different fermentation patterns of individuals, which suggests that the sensors could be used to monitor a person’s response to a custom diet.

doi: 10.1038/s41928-017-0004-x


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