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THz phase modulator


H-T Chenらのデバイスは、メタマテリアル(化学組成のみによってもたらされる光学特性のほかに、追加的な光学特性が構造によってもたらされる)から形成されている。メタマテリアルに電圧を印加することにより、その特性が変化し、デバイスを通る光を制御できる。また、研究チームは、極めて優れた高速動作(今のところ3桁速い)を示す一方で、周期的に光線を物理遮断する市販の機械的光チョッパーに匹敵する性能の広帯域THz信号変調についても報告している。


A device that controls the phase of terahertz (THz) radiation has now been developed, reports a paper online this week in Nature Photonics. The ability to manipulate this radiation, which has proved difficult so far, creates opportunities for altering at will a THz laser-beam's intensity, direction of propagation and data-transfer abilities ? features useful in such technologies as imaging and sensing.

The device of Hou-Tong Chen and colleagues is formed from a metamaterial ? a material whose structure provides extra optical properties to those provided by its chemical composition alone. Applying a voltage across the metamaterial changes its properties and allows control over the light that passes through the device. The team also reports broadband THz signal modulation with performance comparable to a commercial mechanical optical chopper, which physically blocks the light beam periodically, while exhibiting drastically superior ? three orders of magnitude so far ? high-speed operation.

Although the THz phase-modulator needs further improvement in performance, this work not only provides a much needed fundamental THz component ? the phase modulator ? but is also a clear example of how metamaterials can offer practical solutions to real-world problems.

doi: 10.1038/nphoton.2009.003

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