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Taking off using light

空気力学的揚力に似たコンセプトで、翼形の屈折性物体を光で持ち上げられることが、Nature Photonics(電子版)に報告される。今回の研究は、液体中での微小粒子輸送の制御を促進させるばかりでなく、星間宇宙旅行用の太陽帆(ソーラーセイル)の設計に役立つことになるかもしれない。

G Swartzlanderらは、上面と底面の形状が異なるマイクロメートルの大きさの物体に、ミリワット規模の均一光線を照射すると、物体は横方向の揚力を受けることを見いだした。圧力差を基にする空気力学的揚力と異なり、光学版の「ライトフォイル(翼形の屈折性物体)」技術は、屈折光線と反射光線の差に起因する屈折圧(refraction pressure)に依存している。


Light can lift a wing-shaped refractive object, in a concept comparable to aerodynamic lift reports a paper published online this week in Nature Photonics. The work will not only advance the control of microscopic particle transportation in liquids, but could potentially aid the design of solar sails for interstellar space travel.

Grover Swartzlander and co-workers found that a micrometre-scale object with differently shaped top and bottom surfaces experiences a transverse lift when illuminated by a uniform milliwatt-scale stream of light. Unlike aerodynamic lift, which is based on a pressure difference, this ‘lightfoil’ technique relies on refraction pressure resulting from a difference in the refracted and reflected rays of light.

The researchers achieved uniform motion of a few micrometres per second, and foresee that this technique could be extended to the macroscopic domain.

doi: 10.1038/nphoton.2010.266

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