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Fighting glioma-associated edema


ニューロンの死と脳浮腫は、ヒトの悪性脳腫瘍の特徴である。I Eyupogluたちは、マウスの生体内でグルタミン酸輸送体xCTを薬物や遺伝的手法によって阻害すると、神経の変性が止まり、浮腫が抑えられ、生存期間が長くなることを明らかにした。

Excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain can be prevented by inhibiting glutamate transport to prolong survival. Online this week in Nature Medicine, scientists describe a mouse model of glioma, and point to a potential new way of reducing the mortality associated with these types of tumours.

Neuronal death and brain edema are hallmarks of human malignant brain tumours. Ilker Ey?poglu and his colleagues now show that inhibiting the glutamate transporter xCT by pharmacological or genetic means in vivo blocks neurodegeneration, reduces edema and prolongs survival in mice.

doi: 10.1038/nm1772

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