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Fighting cartilage loss in osteoarthritis



F Echtermeyerたちは、変形性関節症を患うヒトとマウスの軟骨細胞に、膜タンパク質シンデカン4が特異的にみられることを明らかにした。またマウスでは、シンデカン4がないと変形性関節症による損傷が抑えられる。シンデカン4を阻害するとADAMTS-5の活性が著しく低下することがわかり、これまで知られていなかったADAMTS-5の作用機序が明らかになった。


The identification of a new potential therapeutic target against osteoarthritis is reported in this week's Nature Medicine.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease of the joints that leads to the progressive destruction of cartilage. A molecule known as ADAMTS-5 is known to be crucial for cartilage breakdown in patients with this disease.

Frank Echtermeyer and his colleagues now report that syndecan-4, a membrane protein, is specifically found on cartilage cells both in humans and mice with osteoarthritis. Moreover, the loss of syndecan-4 protected mice from osteoarthritic damage. The scientists found that syndecan-4 inhibition significantly decrease the activity of ADAMTS-5, thereby disclosing a previously unknown mechanism for the action of the ADAMTS-5 molecule.

These data indicate that strategies aimed at the inhibition of syndecan-4 could be of great value for the treatment of cartilage damage in osteoarthritis.

doi: 10.1038/nm.1998


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