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Seasonal changes in glacier movement

夏季における西グリーンランド氷河の氷の速度は冬季の値よりも220%以上大きい、とNature Geoscience(電子版)に報告されている。この発見は、表面の融解と氷河下の排水系変動に対する氷河の動きの応答を理解するうえで重要である。

I Bartholomewらは、グリーンランド氷床西縁の35 kmの測線に沿ったGPS受信機を用いて、2008年の夏季とその後の冬季までを通して氷の速度を測定した。彼らは、氷の表面が隆起するのと一致して氷の速度が増加することを見つけたが、これは、表面の溶けた水が氷河の底まで運ばれていることを示唆している。


Ice velocities in a west Greenland glacier during the summer can exceed its velocity during the winter by 220%, according to a study published online this week in Nature Geoscience. The findings are important for understanding the response of glacier movement to surface melting and to changes in the water drainage system beneath the glacier.

Ian Bartholomew and colleagues used GPS receivers along a 35-km transect into the western margin of the Greenland ice sheet to measure ice velocity throughout summer 2008 and into the subsequent winter season. The scientists found increases in glacier speed that coincided with an uplift of the glacier surface, indicative of the delivery of surface melt water to the glacier bed. Further inland, glaciers sped up later in the year.

The authors conclude that if summer melt seasons become longer and more intense, glacier acceleration events in response to meltwater will reach further inland, thus drawing ice from a larger area of the ice sheet.

doi: 10.1038/ngeo863


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