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Nature Geoscience

Long valleys below sea level beneath Greenland’s ice margin


Mathieu Morlighemたちは、レーダー探査で得られた粗い氷厚データと人工衛星から得られた高分解能の氷の運動のデータを組み合わせて、グリーンランド氷床全体の外縁に沿った氷厚と基盤の地形の分布図をこれまでにない分解能と精度で作成した。特に、グリーンランド海岸から数十キロメートル内陸で、これまで知られていなかった、氷が海面下数百メートルで接地している氷河谷を見つけた。

Glacial valleys along the periphery of the Greenland ice sheet are more deeply incised below sea level, and reach further inland than previously thought, concludes an article published online in Nature Geoscience. The findings suggest that Greenland’s ice sheet is more vulnerable to ocean warming and thinning than thought.

Mathieu Morlighem and colleagues combined sparse ice-thickness data from radar soundings with high-resolution ice motion data from satellites to map ice thickness and bed topography along the entire margin of the Greenland ice sheet at unprecedented resolution and precision. Specifically, they identify several hitherto unknown glacial valleys where ice is grounded several hundred metres below sea level, tens of kilometres inland from the Greenland coast.

doi: 10.1038/ngeo2167


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