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Ocean heat drives distribution of tropical rain


Dargan Friersonらは、人工衛星観測、再解析データおよびモデルシミュレーションを用いて、熱帯降雨分布に対する海洋熱輸送の効果を評価した。彼らは、海洋逆転循環による北向きの熱輸送は赤道のすぐ北側にある熱帯降雨帯を押し上げることを見つけた。

関連するNews & Viewsの記事でJohn Fasulloは「この発見は熱帯降雨分布を支配する過程に対して見通しを与えている」と述べている。

The overturning circulation of the ocean, which carries heat from the Southern to the Northern Hemisphere, contributes significantly to the peak in tropical rainfall just north of the equator, reports a paper published online this week in Nature Geoscience. The findings suggest that a reduction in the strength of the overturning circulation with warming, as has been previously suggested, could alter precipitation patterns in the tropics.

Dargan Frierson and colleagues assessed the effect of oceanic heat transport on the distribution of tropical rainfall, using satellite observations, reanalysis data and model simulations. They find that the northward transport of heat by the ocean overturning circulation pushes the tropical rain band just north of the equator.

In an accompanying News and Views article, John Fasullo says “the findings provide insights into the processes governing the distribution of rainfall in the tropics.”

doi: 10.1038/ngeo1987


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