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Generating ore giants


2つの関連する論文ではJamie WilkisonとJeremy Richardsがテクトニック・プレートが他のプレートの下に沈み込んでいる地域で形成される鉱床について概説している。Richardsは最大の鉱床は、偶然同じ時期に起き、最適な効率で働いた一般的な一連の鉱床形成過程により形成されたと論じている。しかしながら、Wilkinsonは4つの明瞭な引き金となる過程によって沈み込み帯の上にある一つの巨大な鉱床が形成され、重要な要因は硫化物で飽和したマグマの存在であると示唆している。

William Griffinらは、ダイヤモンド、金および金属(白金など)鉱床の世界的な分布について概説している。彼らは、大陸下のマントルの構造と組成が、最終的にそのような鉱床を形成するマグマが金属を豊富に含むようになるだけでなく、その上昇を助ける役割を果たしていると論じている。したがって、大陸下のマントルが地表近くにある金属鉱床の位置と集中に影響を及ぼし得るのである。


The processes that lead to the formation of some large ore deposits are explored in three review papers published online this week in Nature Geoscience. Such ore giants supply many of the metals humans use - such as copper and gold - and are therefore priority targets for mining companies. However, the processes that control the formation and location of these deposits have remained unclear.

In two related pieces, Jamie Wilkinson and Jeremy Richards review the processes that generate ore deposits in regions where one tectonic plate subducts beneath another. Richards argues that the largest deposits form from a series of ordinary ore-forming processes that fortuitously occur at the same time, while operating at optimum efficiency. Wilkinson, however, suggests that four distinct trigger processes lead to the formation of ore giants above subduction zones, and that the key ingredient is the presence of sulphide-saturated magmas.

William Griffin and colleagues review the worldwide distribution of diamond, gold and metal (such as platinum) deposits. They argue that the structure and composition of the mantle beneath the continents could help to guide upwelling magmas that ultimately form such ore deposits, as well as enrich them with metals. Thus the mantle beneath the continents could influence the location and concentration of metal deposits closer to Earth’s surface.

The three reviews are part of a collection of articles on economic geology, and stress that the search for giant deposits could potentially be made more efficient if the geochemical fingerprints of the above processes are considered during geological exploration.

doi: 10.1038/ngeo1940




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