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Cooling and biotic crisis in the Cretaceous


Thomas Wagnerらは、北大西洋で採取された海洋堆積物の化学組成を分析し1億1600万~1億1400万年前に起きた主要な海洋表層の寒冷化事件の大きさと時期を評価した。彼らは、この寒冷期が海洋プランクトン群集で存在度が低下したものがあることと、表層に生息する微生物のある種類が絶滅したことと一致することを示した。数値シミュレーションは、寒冷化はこの時期に800,000ギガトン以上の炭素が主に大西洋、南洋およびテチス海に埋設されたことと関連があると示唆している。

A period of biological upheaval in the oceans 116-114 million years ago was caused by a 2-million-year period of cooling, reports a paper published online this week in Nature Geoscience. The work suggests that this cooling was caused by the extensive burial of organic carbon, which reduced atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations.

Thomas Wagner and colleagues analysed the chemical composition of marine sediments sampled from the North Atlantic Ocean to assess the timing and magnitude of a major cooling event in the surface ocean 116 to 114 million years ago. They showed that this period of cooling coincided with a reduction in the abundance of some groups of marine plankton and extinctions in certain groups of surface-dwelling microorganisms. Numerical simulations suggest the cooling was linked to the burial of over 800,000 gigatons of carbon during this time, primarily in the Atlantic, Southern and Tethys oceans.

doi: 10.1038/ngeo1850


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