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Ore deposits from magma mixing


O Nadeauらは、インドネシアのメラピ火山で噴出直後の溶岩と火山ガスの試料を採取した。それらの試料には似たような濃度の金属元素が含まれていることがわかった。このことは、地下のマグマだまりの中で混合される間に金属がガスと鉱液の中に入ったことを示唆している。

関連するNews and Views の記事で、B Scailletは次のように述べている。「Nadeauらの研究は、鉱石鉱床の形成と、経済上興味のある金属を硫化物メルトから火山性鉱液へと移動させる過程についての決定的な段階に光を投げかけるものである」。

Mixing of ore fluids with metal-rich sulphide magmas can generate significant volumes of valuable ore deposits, according to a paper online this week in Nature Geoscience. Such late-stage mixing was thought to play a role in ore formation, but direct evidence for this process has remained elusive.

Olivier Nadeau and colleagues sampled lavas and volcanic gases emitted immediately after an eruption at Merapi Volcano, Indonesia. The samples were found to contain similar concentrations of metal elements, which suggests that the metals entered the gases, and thus the ore fluids, during mixing in the underground magma chamber.

In an accompanying News and Views article, Bruno Scaillet says: "The work by Nadeau and colleagues sheds light on a decisive step in the formation of ore deposits and the transfer of economically interesting metals from sulphide melts into the magmatic ore fluid."

doi: 10.1038/ngeo899


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