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Asymmetric lake distribution on Titan

最近土星の月であるタイタンで発見された炭化水素の湖は、半球の上で均等に分布しているわけではないとNature Geoscience(電子版)に発表される。半球間で湖の広がりが異なっていることは、土星の太陽の周りを回る軌道が季節変動をしている結果の可能性がある。

O Aharonsonらは、カッシーニ探査機によってタイタンの表面上で発見された湖と盆地の分布を定量化した。彼らは、北半球では湖と盆地により覆われた表面の割合は南半球よりもはるかに大きいことを見つけた。


The hydrocarbon lakes that have recently been discovered on Saturn's moon Titan are not distributed equally across the hemispheres, reports a study online this week in Nature Geoscience. The difference in lake coverage between the hemispheres could be the result of seasonal variations in Saturn's orbit around the Sun.

Oded Aharonson and colleagues quantified the distribution of the lakes and basins that had been identified by the Cassini orbiter on Titan's surface. They found that in the northern hemisphere, the fraction of the surface covered with lakes and basins is much higher than in the southern hemisphere.

The authors propose that Titan is governed by a vigorous hydrological cycle that varies on a timescale of tens of thousands of years and leads to modification of the planet's surface ― similar to the Earth's glacial cycles.

doi: 10.1038/ngeo698


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