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Lessons from New Orleans


T TornqvistとD Meffertは、海岸線と湿地帯の保全、低高度の海岸で都市の成長を限定すること、海岸沿いの町をより危険性の少ない地域に集中させること、さらに壊れた家をより頑丈なものに建て替えることなどはすべて海岸地帯において安全性を高めることに貢献すると述べている。

Densely populated coastal areas will become more vulnerable to the damaging effects of tropical cyclones, regardless of whether hurricane activity increases, suggests a Commentary online in Nature Geoscience this week. As sea levels rise, cities around the world could learn useful lessons from New Orleans following hurricane Katrina.

Torbj?rn T?rnqvist and Douglas Meffert suggest that preserving protective shorelines anで wetlands, limiting the growth of urban centres on low-elevation coasts, concentrating the inhabitants of seaside cities in the least threatened areas and rebuilding destroyed housing in a more resilient fashion could all contribute to enhanced safety at the oceans’ shores.

doi: 10.1038/ngeo365


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