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Nature Geoscience

A wet subsurface on Mars


Joseph Michalskiたちは火星の地下水上昇の可能性を評価した。彼らは、火星で最深のクレーターの一つである、マクローリン・クレーターの地下から地下水が上昇したことを示唆する堆積物を発見した。彼らは火星では地域的な地下水上昇が突発的に起きて、地下の生息可能性に対する証拠となる堆積物を残す可能性があると示唆している。

The subsurface of Mars could have contained groundwater, and thus been a viable habitat for ancient life, reports a study published online in Nature Geoscience this week. Locations where deep crustal materials have been brought to the surface should therefore be prime targets for future space missions hunting for evidence of life on Mars.

Joseph Michalski and colleagues evaluated the possibility of groundwater upwelling on Mars. They find sediments indicative of groundwater upwelling from the subsurface in McLaughlin Crater, one of the deepest craters on Mars. They suggest that groundwater upwelling may have occurred sporadically on Mars on local scales, leaving behind deposits that could provide clues to subsurface habitability.

doi: 10.1038/ngeo1706


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