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Icelandic mantle plume influences the ocean


N Whiteらは、アイスランド近傍の海底地形の高まりにあるV字型の海嶺から得られた岩石試料の地球化学的性質を測定した。彼らは、岩石の地球化学的性質の変動は、地下のプリューム内で上昇し、外向きに放射状に広がる異常に高温な小塊状マントルにより最もよく説明できることを示した。


Temperature variations in the upwelling mantle plume below Iceland may have formed V-shaped ridges on the ocean floor and influenced the patterns of deep ocean currents, reports a paper published online this week in Nature Geoscience.

Nicky White and colleagues measured the geochemistry of rock samples taken from the V-shaped ridges of high topography on the sea bed near Iceland. They show that variations in rock geochemistry can best be explained by blobs of unusually hot mantle rising up in the underlying plume and spreading outwards radially.

The team also shows that variations in the temperature of the Iceland mantle plume over the past 7 million years could have driven episodic uplift of the sea floor that, in turn, moderated the ocean circulation patterns in the North Atlantic Ocean.

doi: 10.1038/ngeo1161


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