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Soil moisture linked to afternoon rains

土中水分の蒸発が強化されると、米国東部とメキシコでは夏季の午後に雨が降る可能性が増大すると、Nature Geoscience(電子版)に発表される研究が示唆している。

K Findellらは、気象学的データを用いて北アメリカの夏季における降雨に蒸発が及ぼす影響を調べた。彼らは、蒸発のレベルが高くなるとミシシッピ川東部とメキシコの午後の降雨確率が高くなることを見つけた。


Enhanced evaporation of soil moisture increases the likelihood of summer afternoon rainfall in the eastern United States and Mexico suggests a study published online in Nature Geoscience this week.

Kirsten Findell and colleagues examine the impact of evaporation on rainfall in the summer in North America, using meteorological data. They find that high levels of evaporation enhance the probability of afternoon rainfall east of the Mississippi River and in Mexico.

The researchers suggest that the observed relationship between soil moisture and rainfall could result in a positive feedback between evaporation and rainfall.

doi: 10.1038/ngeo1174


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