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Agents of erosion

河川と氷河は景観を同じ速度で浸食していく、とNature Geoscience(電子版)に発表される研究が示している。これまでの研究では、氷河は地球の表面をより速い速度で浸食するとされていた。

M KoppesとD Montgomeryは、世界中の河川と氷河で浸食速度のデータを集めた。彼らは、氷河貯水池と河川流域により覆われた相対面積の違いを勘定に入れると、氷河と河川により浸食された地表の量は、年間1 mm以下から10 mmを超す程度までの同じ値の幅に入ることを見いだした。著者らはまた、最も速い浸食速度は、最近火山噴火や海岸沿いの急速な氷河後退により擾乱を受けた景観で起きていることも報告している。


Rivers and glaciers erode the landscape at similar rates, according to a study published online in Nature Geoscience. Previous studies held that glaciers eroded the Earth's surface at a faster rate.

Michele Koppes and David Montgomery compiled data on rates of erosion from rivers and glaciers around the world. They found that once they accounted for differences in the relative areas covered by glacial catchments and river basins, the amount of the surface eroded by glaciers and rivers fell into the same range ? from less than 1 to over 10 mm per year. The authors also report that the highest rates of erosion were found to occur in landscapes that have recently been disturbed, either through volcanic eruptions or the rapid retreat of glaciers along the coast.

The high end of erosion rates from rivers and glaciers is comparable to the rates of erosion reported from agricultural lands, suggesting that farming has a substantial impact on the landscape.

doi: 10.1038/ngeo616


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