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Economic losses from US hurricanes linked to climate change?



人工的な傾向を導入することによる危険性を最小化する統計的手法を用いて、Francisco Estradaたちは、1990年と2005年の間の米国におけるハリケーンによる経済的損失の増加に対する社会経済学的要因の寄与を見積もった。著者たちは、増加傾向の一部は、一般的に用いられる社会経済学的要因で説明することができず、おそらく地球温暖化の結果として、米国を直撃して損失を生み出したハリケーンの数と強度が増加したことと一致していることを発見した。著者たちは、2005年に受けた米国のハリケーンによる損失のうち20~140億ドルは気候変動に原因を帰すことができると見積もっている。

これに関連するNews & Views記事でSteephane Hallegatteは、この研究が「これまでほとんど無視されてきたハリケーンの経済的損失に対する気候変動の寄与に対する論争を再開させるだろう」と述べている。

The upward trend in economic losses from hurricanes in the US cannot be explained by the commonly invoked increases in vulnerability and exposure, concludes a study published online in Nature Geoscience. The rise in losses is consistent with an influence of global warming on the number and intensity of hurricanes, an influence which may have accounted for 2-12% of the US hurricane losses in 2005.

Economic losses from natural disasters, and in particular hurricanes, have risen over the past decades. However, whether these increases are caused by socioeconomic factors, such as increases in wealth and population in coastal regions that are vulnerable to hurricanes, or by an increase in extreme weather events, has been contentious.

Using a statistical approach that minimizes the risk of introducing artificial trends, Francisco Estrada and co-authors estimate the contribution of socioeconomic factors to the observed rise in economic losses from hurricanes in the US between 1990 and 2005. They find that part of the trend cannot be explained by commonly used socioeconomic factors, but is consistent with an increase in the number and intensity of loss-generating cyclones that hit the US, possibly as a result of global warming. The authors estimate that US$2-14 billion of US hurricane losses incurred in 2005 may be attributable to climate change.

In an accompanying News & Views article, Stephane Hallegatte writes that the study “serves to re-open the debate on the role of climate change in hurricane losses that had been largely discounted.”

doi: 10.1038/ngeo2560


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