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今回、Daniel Benjaminたちの研究グループは、100万人以上の人を対象に遺伝子の構成と学歴について調べた。大きなサンプルサイズが、学校教育の修了年数に関連する1200以上もの遺伝的バリアントの同定を可能にした。座位の数では、過去のさまざまな研究で見つかったバリアント数の10倍以上に上る。またBenjaminたちは、個々の被験者のテストの成績、自己申告による数学の能力、最終的に修了した数学クラスのレベルについても調べ、これらの形質に関する遺伝的関連を多数明らかにした。


New genetic variants associated with education are identified in a study of over one million people published online this week in Nature Genetics. The candidate genes implicated in the study have roles in brain development and neuronal communication.

Daniel Benjamin and colleagues examined the genetic composition and educational history of over one million individuals. With such a large sample size, the authors were able to discover more than 1,200 genetic variants associated with years spent in school - over ten times more loci than found in previous studies. They also analyzed test performance, self-reported math abilities and the highest-level mathematics class each individual had completed, and found hundreds of genetic associations for these related traits.

Implicated genes have increased expression levels in the pre- and postnatal brain and have roles in neurotransmitter secretion and synaptic plasticity. This large dataset of associated genetic loci will aid future studies on how genes and environment interact to influence cognitive phenotypes.

doi: 10.1038/s41588-018-0147-3


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