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Protein translation factor causes breast cancer


炎症性乳がん(IBC)は、急速に浸潤するために乳がんの中で最も死亡率が高い。R Schneiderたちは、IBCにはeIF4GIというタンパク質が過剰発現するという特徴があることを明らかにしている。この因子は全体的なタンパク質産生には影響しないが、細胞どうしの接着の調節因子であるEカドヘリンとp120カテニンの濃度を上昇させることがわかった。このため、がん細胞は周囲の組織に接着せずに、がん細胞どうしで凝集するようになる。こうしてできたがん細胞の凝集塊が循環血中に入ると、受動転移という過程によって体中に広がり、このことはIBCの高い死亡率の説明となる。IBCのマウスモデルでeIF4GI、Eカドヘリン、あるいはp120カテニンのサイレンシングを行うと、いずれの場合も腫瘍の増殖と浸潤が抑えられ、またeIF4GIの乳がんにおける働きはp120カテニンの脱調節に依存していることが明らかにされた。


Factors that cause a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer are reported online this week in Nature Cell Biology. An over-abundance of a regulator of protein expression in patients with inflammatory breast cancer induces factors that make cells adhesive. These factors then transform cells into metastatic tumours. This finding could aid in the development of a targeted therapy that can stop the spread of this type of cancer.

Inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) is the most lethal form of breast cancer due to its rapid spread. Robert Schneider and colleagues show that IBC is characterized by the overexpression of a protein called eIF4GI. They found that, while this factor did not affect overall protein production, it did lead to increased levels of the cell adhesion regulators E-cadherin and p120 catenin, which allow cancers cells to clump together, rather than attaching to the surrounding tissue. These clumps of cancer cells can enter the circulation and spread throughout the body in a process called passive metastasis, which accounts for?the lethality of IBC. Silencing eIF4GI, E-cadherin or p120 catenin all impair tumour growth and invasion in a mouse model for the cancer and the authors show that?the role of eIF4GI in breast cancer depends on the de-regulation of p120 catenin.

Pinpointing the molecular causes of IBC metastization raises the hope that targeted therapeutic intervention can stop the spread of this particularly aggressive form of breast cancer.

doi: 10.1038/ncb1900


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