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周囲光を利用して表示を行い、紙に印刷されたインクに似た明るさと色が期待できる薄型電子ディスプレイの設計について、Nature Photonics(電子版 )に報告される。応答速度がミリ秒のタイムスケールなので、ビデオ画像の表示も可能になるであろう。

J Heikenfeldらによって作製された試作品のディスプレイは、電気的に制御可能な力を利用して、高反射率アルミニウムでコーティングされたポリマー・ピクセル表面上での水性カラーインクの広がりをコントロールしている。



A design for a thin, electronic display that operates using ambient light and promises brightness and colour that mimics printed ink on paper is reported online this week in Nature Photonics. With a response speed on the millisecond timescale, display of video images should be possible.

The prototype displays made by Jason Heikenfeld and colleagues use electrically controllable forces to direct the spread of water-based coloured inks over the surface of polymer pixels that are coated with high-reflectivity aluminium.

With no electrical voltage applied, the ink remains in a small well in the centre of the pixel and the ambient light is strongly reflected by the aluminium. When a voltage is applied, the ink is pulled out of the well to cover the surface of the pixel, providing a strong vivid colour.

The research is still at an early stage and at present demonstrations with only one colour of ink have been reported. The future challenges are to create a full-colour version and integrate the design with necessary technology to allow for many shades of colour too.

doi: 10.1038/nphoton.2009.68

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