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Nature Photonics

Electrically driven single-photon source at room temperature

室温で動作する電気駆動式単一光子発生源が今週のNature Photonicsに報告されている。この研究は、量子暗号などの量子通信方式や量子コンピューティングの実用化に役立つ可能性がある。


Electrically driven single-photon generation at room temperature is reported in Nature Photonics this week. The work could help realize practical quantum communications schemes such as quantum cryptography and quantum computing.

Today’s single-photon-generating schemes are either optically driven at room temperature or electrically driven at cryogenic temperatures. Norikazu Mizuochi and colleagues achieve the best of both - room-temperature electrically driven operation - by exploiting an impurity-free region in a diamond diode. The device is capable of generating 40,000 photons per second at an injection current of 14 milliamperes, which is comparable to the driving current of commercially available light-emitting diodes.

doi: 10.1038/nphoton.2012.75

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