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Neuroscience: Shared pattern of neural responses to 45 languages identified

言語によって誘発される脳内の神経活動のパターンが、45種の言語で類似していることが明らかになった。この新知見を報告する論文が、Nature Neuroscience に掲載される。


今回、Saima Malik-Moraleda、Evelina Fedorenkoたちは、言語研究におけるインクルーシビティーを高めるため、12語族(日琉語族を含む)の45言語に対する脳の応答に類似点があるかどうかを調べた。今回の研究では、それぞれの言語のネイティブスピーカー(1~2人)に母国語に翻訳された『不思議の国のアリス』の一節を聴かせて、脳内応答を調べた。全ての母国語の場合に、脳の左前頭皮質、側頭皮質、頭頂皮質の広い領域が活性化した。被験者にさまざまな文章を母国語で聴かせて測定したところ、この言語関連ネットワークの応答は、右半球よりも左半球で強く、相関度も高かった。また、この言語関連ネットワークは、空間作業記憶課題や計算課題を実行する時よりも母国語を聴く時に応答性が高く、この共通の脳内ネットワークで言語処理が選択的に行われていることが示唆された。


A shared pattern of neural activity in the brain is elicited by 45 languages, according to a paper published in Nature Neuroscience.

Although there are close to 7,000 active languages worldwide, our understanding of how language is learned and processed in the brain is based on a much smaller subset of these.

To foster inclusivity in language research, Saima Malik-Moraleda, Evelina Fedorenko and colleagues examined whether there are shared brain responses across 45 languages in 12 language families. For each language the authors examined brain responses in one or two native speakers who listened to an excerpt of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ translated into their native tongue. All native languages activated large areas of the left frontal, temporal and parietal cortex in the brain. The responses of this language-related network were stronger and more correlated in the left hemisphere of the brain than the right hemisphere as subjects listened to different stories in their native languages. The network was more responsive during listening to native languages than when performing a spatial working memory or an arithmetic task, suggesting that this common network was selective for language processing.

The authors conclude that this finding is a first step in deeper examinations of the neural processing of different languages, which will require larger groups of native speakers for each language.

doi: 10.1038/s41593-022-01114-5


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