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How to foresee a US heat wave


大気大循環モデルを用いて、Hayan Tengらは1万2000年予測の中で米国熱波の先行現象として北半球に広がる、5個の高気圧系の大気パターンを同定した。彼らは、この大気パターンは気候システムの自然の変動度のみにより生成されうるものであり、アジア・モンスーンの降雨や海水面温度分布と必ずしも関連があるわけではないと述べている。

Heat waves in the United States tend to be preceded by 15 to 20 days by a specific pattern of atmospheric circulation, concludes an article published online this week in Nature Geoscience. The finding could help to improve the predictability of heat waves.

Using an atmospheric general circulation model, Hayan Teng and colleagues identified an atmospheric pattern of five high-pressure systems that span the Northern Hemisphere as a precursor of US heat waves in a 12,000-year simulation. They note that this atmospheric pattern can be generated solely by the natural variability within the climate system, and is not necessarily linked to Asian monsoon rainfall or to patterns in sea surface temperatures.

doi: 10.1038/ngeo1988


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