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Fewer but stronger tropical cyclones


世界気象機関の熱帯サイクロンおよび気候変動専門家チームのT Knutsonらは、過去の熱帯サイクロン活動と将来の予測に関する論文を再検討した。彼らは、過去のハリケーン活動の変化は、主に記録が不完全なことと長期にわたる天然の変動が大きいために、自然の変動とは区別できないと結論している。しかしながら将来の予測は、気候がより温暖になるに従って、最大規模の熱帯サイクロンは確実に増加することを指摘している。

Tropical cyclones are likely to become rarer, overall, in response to climate change, but the most severe cyclones are consistently projected to occur more frequently, concludes a Review article published online this week in Nature Geoscience. With the more intense storms comes an increase of precipitation in the storm centre

Tom Knutson and colleagues from the World Meteorological Organization's Expert Team on Tropical Cyclones and Climate Change reviewed publications on past tropical cyclone activity and future projections. They concluded that past changes in hurricane activity cannot be distinguished from natural variability, mainly because of incomplete records and large natural fluctuations over time. However, future projections consistently point to an increase in the most severe tropical cyclones as the climate warms further.

doi: 10.1038/ngeo779


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