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Tropical forests resilient to global warming?


Chris Huntingfordたちは22個の気候モデルによるシミュレーションを用いて、アメリカ、アフリカ、アジアの熱帯森林の温室効果ガスが原因となった気候変動に対する応答を調査した。彼らは、ただ一つのモデルで森林被覆の損失を、唯一アメリカにおいてのみ見つけた。研究者等は、モデルの間での植物生理学的過程の違いが、放出シナリオの選択やさまざまな気候予測の間の差よりも、この予想における最大の不確定性の原因となっていることも見つけた。

Tropical forests are unlikely to lose biomass in response to greenhouse gas emissions over the twenty-first century, suggest model simulations published in a study online this week in Nature Geoscience. Despite considerable uncertainty, in particular regarding plant physiological responses to global warming, this work suggests that climate-induced damage to tropical forests will be lower than previously thought.

Chris Huntingford and colleagues used simulations with twenty-two climate models to explore the response of tropical forests in the Americas, Africa and Asia to greenhouse-gas-induced climate change. They found loss of forest cover in only one model, and only in the Americas. The researchers also found that inter-model differences in plant physiological processes represent the largest source of uncertainty in the projection, ahead of the choice of emission scenario and differences between various climate projections.

doi: 10.1038/ngeo1741


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