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Climate’s lofty manipulator

大気上端の広がりは海洋循環に影響を及ぼすと、Nature Geoscience(オンライン版)に発表された研究が報告している。この発見は、上層大気(気候モデルではしばしば無視されている)が、数十年の時間スケールでは気候に影響を及ぼしうることを示している。

Thomas Reichlerたちは成層圏(高度10-50 kmの間に広がる大気の層)内の風が北大西洋の循環に与える影響を、気象モデルと過去30年間に



The upper reaches of the atmosphere influence oceanic circulation, reports a study published online in Nature Geoscience this week. The finding suggests that the upper atmosphere - often ignored in climate models - can affect climate over decadal timescales.

Thomas Reichler and colleagues examined the influence of winds in the stratosphere - that layer of the atmosphere stretching between 10-50 km altitude - on circulation in the North Atlantic Ocean, using meteorological and ocean data collected over the past 30 years. They show that stratospheric and Atlantic Ocean circulations co-varied over this time. Climate model simulations suggest that stratospheric circulation patterns, such as those observed, perturb the surface of the Atlantic Ocean, triggering changes in ocean circulation patterns over timescales of decades. As such, the findings show that signals from the stratosphere can penetrate the entire atmosphere-ocean system, and should not be ignored in climate change studies.

doi: 10.1038/ngeo1586


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