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Geoscience: Initial analysis of Mars landing site of Zhurong rover

中国最初の火星探査車「祝融」の着陸地点は、他の火星の着陸地点と比較するとかなり強固な地質であり、表面が風とおそらく水により形成されたことの明らかな証拠を示している、という初期結果について報告する論文が、Nature Geoscience に掲載される。これらの知見は、この着陸地点が将来の探査の助けになることを示唆している。


今回、Liang Dingたちは、祝融探査車が最初の60火星日の間に行った着陸地点の測定の結果を解析した。観測機器のデータを用いて、この期間に祝融が辿った450メートルの経路を決定した。祝融の車輪とその下の地形との相互作用(危機回避カメラによって撮影された車輪のわだちの写真を含む)の分析により、Dingたちは、着陸地点の火星の土壌の力学的性質を解明することができた。また、風による浸食と一致する地形(嶺と波状の地形、浸食されたクレーター、塩水により風化したと考えられる岩石のきめなど)も特定された。


The landing site of China’s first Mars rover, Zhurong, has shown notable evidence of relatively strong topography compared to other Mars landing sites and a surface shaped by wind and potentially by water, according to initial results published in Nature Geoscience. These findings suggest that this landing site is conducive to future exploration.

The Tianwen-1 lander and its rover, Zhurong, landed on Utopia Planitia in the low-lying northern lowlands of Mars in May 2021. Utopia Planitia is a volcanic region with an estimated surface age of more than three billion years that may have once hosted a large body of liquid water or ice.

Liang Ding and colleagues analysed measurements of the landing site area taken by the Zhurong rover over its first 60 sols, or Mars days. Instrument data were used to determine the 450 m path taken by Zhurong during this time period. Through the analysis of interactions between Zhurong’s wheels and the underlying terrain — including images of the wheel tracks taken by the hazard-avoidance camera — the authors were able to decipher the mechanical properties of the Martian soils at the landing site. Landforms consistent with wind erosion — such as ridges and ripples, eroded craters, and rock textures suggestive of weathering by brines — were also identified.

These initial findings demonstrate Zhurong’s potential to provide insights into the evolution of the surface environment in the northern lowlands of Mars.

doi: 10.1038/s41561-022-00905-6


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