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Nature Geoscience

Permafrost degradation leads to wetland loss


C Avisらは、全球気候モデルを用いて、温暖化ガス放出の増加により生じる永久凍土の融解が北半球高緯度地域の湿地帯に及ぼす影響を調べた。彼らのシミュレーションは、永久凍土の劣化によって表層水がより深部の土壌層へと排出されるために、湿地帯の面積を減少させることを示唆している。

Permafrost thawing reduces the areal extent of wetlands, according to a study published online in Nature Geoscience. A reduction in wetland area could influence high-latitude carbon emissions, as wetlands both take up and store carbon, and release carbon dioxide and methane.

Christopher Avis and colleagues use a global climate model to examine the impact of permafrost melt caused by rising greenhouse gas emissions on wetlands in the high northern latitudes. Their simulations suggest that permafrost degradation reduces the areal extent of wetlands, owing to the drainage of near-surface water to deeper soil layers.

doi: 10.1038/ngeo1160


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