Recent progress of optical functional nanomaterials based on organoboron complexes with β-diketonate, ketoiminate and diiminate

2015年11月6日 NPG Asia Materials 7, e11 (2015) doi:10.1038/am.2015.118

機能性光学材料: 有機ホウ素錯体が用途の広い構成要素になる


Kazuo Tanaka & Yoshiki Chujo

Optical functional materials: organoboron complexes make versatile building blocks
Recent studies have revealed that boron diketonate and related compounds make versatile building blocks for functional optical materials. In particular, their ease of synthesis and emissive properties make them suitable for various optical materials and devices. Yoshiki Chujo and Kazuo Tanaka of Kyoto University in Japan provide an overview of recent progress in this area. They explain the dual emission of derivatives of boron diketonate and its application in biotechnology. The synthesis and emission properties of nanostructures are described, as are the modulation of optical properties by the application of mechanical stress. In addition, recent advances in the development of solid-emissive materials are illustrated by considering the aggregation-induced emission properties of boron diketonates derivatives including conjugated polymers. Chujo and Tanaka anticipate that these materials will spawn many new optical functional materials in the future.


NPG Asia Materials ISSN 1884-4049(Print) ISSN 1884-4057(Online)