Room-temperature generation of giant pure spin currents using epitaxial Co2FeSi spin injectors.

2012年3月9日 NPG Asia Materials 4, e3 (2012) doi:10.1038/am.2012.16



Takashi Kimura, Naoki Hashimoto, Shinya Yamada, Masanobu Miyao & Kohei Hamaya

Spintronics: Current generation
Takashi Kimura, Kohei Hamaya and co-workers have generated large pure spin currents at room temperature, with high efficiency. Spintronic devices, which use the spin of electrons as well as their charge, promise to be faster and less power-consuming than traditional charge-based electronic ones. A pure spin current — a flow that is not accompanied by charge current — seems to be a promising way to write information for such devices. However, although ‘spin injectors’ capable of creating such currents have been developed, their efficiency has generally remained too low for practical applications. Now, Kimura, Hamaya and colleagues have significantly improved this efficiency by using a highly ordered cobalt-iron-silicon ‘Heusler’ compound with high spin polarization. These findings highlight the potential of Heusler compounds as spin injectors, and move the construction of functional spintronic devices one step forward.


NPG Asia Materials ISSN 1884-4049(Print) ISSN 1884-4057(Online)