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Beer supply threatened by future weather extremes



Wei Xieたちは、大麦生産とビール供給に関して、将来の極端な気象に対する脆弱性をモデル化した。その結果、大麦収穫量は、予測される気象の厳しさによって平均3~17%の範囲で減少することが分かった。大麦の収穫量が減少すると、より重要な一次産品が優先されるため、ビールの製造に利用可能な大麦の量は相対的に大幅に減少する。そのためXieたちは、国の経済状態や文化に依存して、ビールの消費量は減少し、価格は上昇すると考えている。影響の極めて大きな国の例の1つがアイルランドで、最も厳しい気候シナリオの下では、ビール価格が2099年までに43~338%上昇する可能性がある。

Barley yields are expected to decrease substantially as severe droughts and heat extremes become more frequent due to climate change, reports a study published online this week in Nature Plants. As a result, beer will become scarcer and more expensive.

Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world by volume consumed, and its main ingredient, barley, is particularly sensitive to extreme weather events. Although the frequency and severity of drought and heat extremes increase substantially in a range of future climate scenarios by five Earth system models, the vulnerability of beer supply to such extremes has never been assessed.

Wei Xie and colleagues model the vulnerability to future weather extremes of both barley production and the subsequent beer supply. The authors find that the average loss of barely yields will range from 3% to 17%, depending on the predicted severity of the weather. Declining barley yields will result in proportionally larger decreases in the barley made available for beer production as more essential commodities are prioritized. This will result in corresponding decreases in beer consumption and increases in beer prices, the authors suggest, depending on national economic status and culture. One of the most affected countries, for example, is Ireland - where beer prices could increase by between 43% and 338% by 2099 under the most severe climate scenario.

doi: 10.1038/s41477-018-0263-1

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