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Invisible ‘second skin’ helps restore youthful appearance



今回Robert Langerたちは、新しいシリコン系材料を2段階からなる局所適用手順で皮膚上に広げると、皮膚を物理的に補強するとともに通気性とバリア機能を有するウエアラブルポリマー層が形成されることを示している。また、一連の小規模な概念実証試験においてこの材料を使った処置を行い、重度の乾皮症の患者の皮膚機能が向上し、正常な皮膚の美観が回復し、しわや目の下のたるみなどの老化に関連する構造変化が抑制されることを示している。この「第二の皮膚」技術は、皮膚の外観と機能を自然に戻す一方で、損なわれた皮膚バリア機能の回復、医薬送達、創傷被覆のための手段をもたらす可能性があるとLangerたちは結論付けている。

A new wearable polymer material that can restore the aesthetic and functional properties of healthy, youthful skin is described in a paper published online this week in Nature Materials. The study shows that the biomimetic film is elastic, invisible, durable, moisturizing, adheres well when applied to skin and can reinforce the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and under-eye bagging.

The properties of the skin - the largest and most visible organ - can change over time, or as a result of certain diseases and environmental factors. These changes can result in loss of normal skin function as well as changes in appearance, both of which can have significant effects on personal wellbeing. Treatments to restore the mechanical or physiological functions of skin (for example, skin barrier function) are available, but existing solutions fall short of achieving both simultaneously.

Robert Langer and colleagues show that, when spread on the skin in a two-step topical application process, the new silicon-based film forms a wearable polymer layer that physically reinforces the skin beneath, while also providing a breathable barrier layer. In a series of small proof-of-concept human studies, they show that treatment with the material improves skin function in patients with severely dry skin and restores normal skin aesthetics, limiting the appearance of aging-related structural changes like wrinkles and under-eye bagging. The authors conclude that this ‘second skin’ technology may offer solutions to compromised skin barrier function, pharmaceutical delivery and wound dressings, while allowing the skin to look and behave naturally.

doi: 10.1038/nmat4635


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