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これまでのGenOMICC研究によるゲノムワイド関連解析で、重症型COVID-19患者(約1万人)の重症性に影響しているかもしれない遺伝的要因に関する知見が生み出されてきた。その最新の成果が、今回のKenneth Baillieらの論文であり、重症型COVID-19患者(2万4202人)のゲノムデータの解析によって重症化の根底にある49個の遺伝的バリアントが特定された。そのうちの16は今回初めて報告された。Baillieらは、治療薬の開発可能性を探るため、この解析結果を遺伝子発現データとタンパク質発現データと組み合わせて、114の薬物標的候補を特定した。その中には、体内に侵入したウイルスや炎症過程に対する身体応答に関与する遺伝子に関連した標的分子が含まれている。


New genetic variants that are linked to the development of critical illness in patients with COVID-19 are reported in Nature. The findings, which build on previous analyses, improve our understanding of the factors that underlie severe COVID-19 and highlight targets for drug development.

Previous genome-wide association studies by GenOMICC have shed light on the genetic factors that might influence disease severity in about 10,000 patients who were critically ill with COVID-19. In the latest update, Kenneth Baillie and colleagues analysed genomic data from 24,202 patients who were critically ill with COVID-19 and identified 49 genetic variants underlying critical illness, of which 16 had not been reported previously. To explore potential therapeutic implications, the authors combined these results with gene and protein expression data and identified 114 potential drug targets. For example, targets relating to genes involved in the body’s response to invading viruses and inflammatory processes.

The authors suggest that repurposing existing drugs could potentially target these pathways to help treat patients who are seriously ill with COVID-19. For example, they found an association of critical COVID-19 with the gene that encodes JAK1, a protein involved in inflammatory signalling, and which is a target of the rheumatoid arthritis treatment baricitinib, thus offering a potential avenue for drug repositioning. These results enhance our understanding as well as offering new insights, some of which may have potential therapeutic applications.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-023-06034-3

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