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ヨーロッパでは1960年以降に極端な高潮が増加しており、それらは同時期の海水準の上昇に匹敵するものだったことを示唆した論文が、Nature に掲載される。この知見は、極端な高潮の発生件数は増えないとする現在の仮説と矛盾しており、沿岸地帯の計画に影響を与える可能性がある。


今回、Francisco Calafatたちは、統計的モデル化手法を用いて、1960~2018年にヨーロッパの大西洋と北海の沿岸地域に設置された79台の潮位計による極端な高潮の観測値を解析した。その結果、極端な高潮の傾向が、平均海水準の上昇について観測された傾向に匹敵することが明らかになり、気候の内部変動と人為的影響がこの傾向に影響していることが示された。Calafatたちは、高潮に対する人為的影響の大きさは、北大西洋の暴風雨の東方への拡大を示す気候モデルと整合しており、英国や中央ヨーロッパでの暴風の増加につながる可能性があるという考えを示している。


Extreme storm surges in Europe have increased since 1960, suggests a paper published in Nature. These are comparable to the rate of sea level rise over the same period. The finding contradicts current hypotheses suggesting surge extremes will remain the same, and may have implications for coastal planning.

Flooding as a result of storm surges (changes in sea levels caused by storms) costs the global economy billions of dollars every year and without effective interventions is likely to increase as sea levels rise. Designing effective interventions requires an understanding of how storminess affects the occurrence of surges and also how changes in mean sea level will influence the baseline for these events. While previous research has suggested that rising sea levels have made extreme sea-level events more likely, the role of surge extremes is debated.

Francisco Calafat and colleagues used a statistical modelling technique to analyse observations of surge extremes for 79 tide gauges along the Atlantic and North Sea coastlines of Europe for the period 1960–2018. The authors found that trends in surge extremes are comparable to those observed for mean sea level rises and indicate that internal climate variability and anthropogenic effects have influenced this trend. The authors suggest that the impact of anthropogenic effects on storm surges is consistent with climate models that show an eastward expansion of North Atlantic storms, which may lead to increased storminess in the United Kingdom and Central Europe.

The authors conclude that their findings show that both internal and external influences can impact the likelihood of storm surge extremes occurring. They suggest that current coastal planning practices, which assume an unchanged pattern of surge extremes, may need to be reconsidered.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-022-04426-5

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