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都市部以外で育った人々は、都市環境(特に道路が格子状に整備されている地域)で育った人々よりもナビゲーション(移動において適切な経路を選択すること)がうまい可能性があることを示唆した論文が、Nature に掲載される。今回の知見は、格子状に整備された街路などの都市設計と我々の環境が、認知能力と脳機能に影響を及ぼすことを示している。


今回、Antoine Coutrot、Michael Hornberger、Hugo Spiresたちは、2種類のテレビゲームに組み込まれた認知課題を用いて、38か国の39万7162人の空間ナビゲーション能力を測定した。参加者は、出発地点といくつかのチェックポイントの場所を示した地図を決められた順序で提示された。その結果、構造化の度合いが高く、格子状に整備された都市(例えば、米国シカゴ)で育った人は、規則性のある配置のゲームレベルでの成績が良かった。これに対して、都市部以外や規則性の低い配置の都市(例えば、チェコ共和国・プラハ)で育った人は、複雑度の高いゲームレベルでのナビゲーションの成績が高かった。


People who grow up outside cities may be better at navigation than those from urban environments, especially those where streets are organized in a grid, suggests a Nature paper. The findings indicate that urban design, such as the grid-like organization of streets, and our environment can affect cognition and brain function.

Previous research suggests that experience can shape brain structure and function. For example, the cultural and geographical properties of an environment have been shown to influence cognition and mental health. However, the effect of our environment when growing up on cognitive abilities later in life remains poorly understood.

Antoine Coutrot, Michael Hornberger, Hugo Spiers and colleagues measured the spatial navigation abilities of 397,162 people from 38 countries using a cognitive task within two video games. Participants were presented with a map indicating the start location and the locations of several checkpoints to find in a set order. The authors found that individuals who grew up in more structured, grid-like cities, such as Chicago, performed better on game levels with a regular layout. However, those who grew up outside of cities or in cities with a less regular layout, such as Prague, were better at navigating more-complex game levels.

The findings suggest that the environment — and in particular the street structure — where people grew up can affect their navigation abilities, and that people are better at navigating in environments that are structurally similar to where they grew up. Further research is required to explore how these differences emerge during childhood.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-022-04486-7

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